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20181106 Promotion winner’s account presented

Here is the Marc Koetter report. As a token of our respect for all group members, who participated in the making of this contest, we decided to kick-start Marcs account and add the profits from all of October including Beta tests. From now on, Marc will get the report every week directly on his email and be able to follow his progress. This week has been particularly slow in regard to volatility/volume, but if people look at the projections, which are based on the average ROE calculated from the beginning to end of the period, including October (but not September) - the NET profit is immense. If the markets recover from stagnation and we increase trading profits as well as maker fees the projected results will be staggering, to say the least. The volatility numbers are for comparison with the returns and put into a graph to show that they are truly connected.

20181106 MONTHLY report by Blocktrade Technologies

We are happy to announce about 11% ROE between the 6th of October to 31st of October. The official launch of the Automated AI trading program for institutional purposes can only be described as a success, especially when comparing the ROE to crypto hedge funds who has not performed well at all in this slow market.

20181024 Congratulations to the PROMOTION WINNER


We have a winner!

Congratulations to Marc Kötter, who will participate in our BTC contest! In the BTT telegram group he says:

“Hello everyone, I am Marc, the guy who won the BTT Showcase. I am very happy and curious about the tool and all other things that will come. As Rogier already mentioned, we had our first call yesterday and it was very interesting and gave me a first overview how it will all work. This has made me even more curious and I can not wait to get more details…”

About us

Developing AI Powered Crypto Trading Tools FOR INSTITUTIONS

Blocktrade Technology began by specializing in analyzing and developing tools to automate crypto trading. Our efforts resulted in a proprietary BTT Crypto Trading Toolbox aimed at the institutional space. Our goal to enable automated trading while maximizing returns while benchmarked against leading crypto funds has been met! Our toolbox consists of a variety of bots customized for several exchanges currently focusing on Bitcoin. Especially, since volatility and volume is record low right now in all of Crypto trading.

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Riddargatan 23,114 57 Stockholm Mon-Fri  9am-5pm


Fredrik Waijnstad,+46(0)72-5375250 btt@blocktradetech.com

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Custodian PARTNER

Fully Licensed Crypto Asset Management 

Blocktrade Technology has signed a license agreement with Valens bank, who will utilize our crypto trading toolbox. The objective is to let their private banking clients invest into BTT’s automated AI trading program to securely maximize client returns. 


Next Generation AI Trading Technology

Our aim is to always be using the latest trading technology available to ensure maximum profitability. BTT has partnered up with best-in-class developers and the result is a revolutionary AI platform with algorithmic trading that enables daily profits with very low risk.



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