Almost everyone likes some extra money in their hands, especially in times of covid. But not many want to put the effort it requires. That’s not an issue because with this guide making a few extra dollars on the side isn’t going to be an issue for you.

Here’s all that you can do.


Use Airbnb

If you live in a touristy area there’s a lot of potential of using Airbnb to rent places out. It can aid your income and become a form of supplemental income. Airbnb’s own research says that the most popular cities in the country make an annual profit of $20000.

When you’re away, you can turn your home into a little piggy bank that keeps accumulating money for you. Some cities don’t allow you to rent out for Airbnb. So make sure you check all the little “i’s” and “t’s” If you rent out two nights a week for $150 that’s nearly $14000 annually after all costs.



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Taking care of pets

As a pet owner it’s something I know of more than others. People pay through their mouths for taking care of their cats and dogs. Especially when they’re out of town. Use a site called There are also many Indian iterants you can use. It’s like an Airbnb but for pets. All that you simply need to do is post a picture of your home, your pets and write a descriptive text around how much you love cats/dogs. Dogvacy provides insurance as well.

Rates go from $20 to $100 a day for seven or more days. That’s an easy $700 you get to pocket. In India is where you can sign up to offer similar services to pet lovers. Pet lovers are the same everywhere.



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Sell on Etsy

If you’re idling at home, you can always craft hand-made jewelry and sell at Etsy. Etsy is an online aggregator of sorts for a bunch of things like clothing, hand made stuff and more. You can sell them to people all over the world. It’s free and easy to create a listing.

When you want to sell on Etsy make sure it’s quirky and never something usually seen and done to death with. People who put their efforts at creating a rich listing complete with photos is one thing to note. Successful sellers make sure the word gets out on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. The thing with Etsy is once you make a few sales, your posts get promoted and rake up organic views and that generates even more sales for you.

Join Uber

Gig working has the incredible advantage of being able to work whenever you feel like working. One of these gigs is driving for cab sites like Uber. As part time work, you can fund studies or make a little something on the side with the hustle. This is a great opportunity for someone considering some extra money whenever they feel convenient. There’s more freedom than you can imagine.

How much do you make?

What you make is dependent on where you drive. London, New Jersey and New York average $25 or more an hour. Small cities get you $15 to $20. Also note that cost of living is much lower in smaller cities. If there’s extra in your hands that’s because you spend a lot in bigger cities.

Let’s say you drive at night at 4 hours per night for five days a week. You make $20 or more an hour. You pay 20% to Uber. You pay 10% for gas and some for car insurance. At the end you make $1600 more a month and $16000 annually after costs.



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Do small tasks

TaskRabbit is a good place to know about small errands that people are paying money for. These small errands may range from picking up a package to packing boxes. It can be office and cabinet work.

This isn’t serious work and you can do something like yard cleaning or running a small errand to make money. List what you’re good at. There will be a background check. You post your hourly rate. Whenever something pops up TaskRabbit notifies you. You send a pitch. If the person accepts your profile you’re on. This way you get plenty of jobs. Work 15 hours a week and you’re making $20 to $30 an hour. At the minimum that’s a $300 week.


Do surveys

Whatever new products you see before you have been first sent to focus groups. These focus groups decide if the product is going to be successful or not. Two, you can be part of focus groups and surveys and get paid for your time. Focus groups mandate the use of online meetings or face to face discussions.

Even if you don’t want to be part of focus groups you can still join survey sites like Toluna to earn money. Those sites pay you to the tune of $25 to $100 for a survey that takes an hour to complete.


Join fiverr

Fiverr is easily the biggest micro-job marketplace in the world. It’s a place to list out stuff you can do for $5. Check the site and how it works to see the different services on offer and be inspired to create and offer something of your own.

There are different service groups listed from writin content, to web designing to offering digital marketing services. You can also offer business and spiritual consultancy.


Sell on ebay and Amazon

I just listed out selling hand made stuff on eBay. There’s plenty more opportunity here and on Amazon. You can clear your home of old stuff quickly on eBay. If you collect fancy shoes, it’s easy to sell those out as well. Once you sell the first item, ideas begin dropping on you on what more you can sell. You will quickly want to get rid off old and unused stuff.

Amazon is another marketplace with the sell on Amazon button to those who hae services and products in bulk to sell.



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Become an influencer

Be it YouTube or Instagram, you can be a really good star. You can be an influencer. Those inluencers are raking in millions with their videos and photos posted to Instagarm and to Youtube.

The way this works is you create quality videos and generate hundreds of thousands of views. Your partner up with GOogle to serve ads and once you do, you will be paid $10 to $20 per 8000 views. Rake in a million views and you get thousands. Also all of your old videos continue to generate views.


You only need a valid product and valid videos to get started. You can also sell your own line of hoodies and t shirts to people.


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With this post, at least one thing might have become clear to you. There are scores of different ways to make money. You need not be an online entrepreneur or someone rich and famous to nail this. People are discovering newer and newer ways to make money. And you can get started with a few dollars or next to thing.

Just get started somewhere. I listed jobs that you can get started within the comfort of your home itself. There’s so much freedom in that.