When it comes to living room décor, cushions are one of the most common and old forms of decorations. But did you know that there are many types of cushions that you can use and they come in all forms of shapes and colours and materials. So, how to choose the best one for you? Take a look at the pointers below to find out.

Know the Type

First of all, decide what type of cushions you want. The most common decorative pillows are square pillows or square cushions. These add both colour and extra comfort for your sofa. Then there are round pillows and bolster or cylindrical pillows.

Both of them have a decorative purpose and you can use them if you want some extra details and texture. Especially if you have separate seating areas in your living room apart from your sofa, such as comfy reading areas or relaxing spaces. You can also use these for leg support.

The classic pillow with rectangle shape also has some uses outside the bedroom. They can be especially used for back support, neck support and head support. If you are brave enough to add a funky touch to your décor, try a novelty shaped pillow that comes in unique shapes – such as animal shapes or food shapes.


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Choose a Good Colour Palette

The best way to choose good cushions that match your sofa and the rest of the décor is choosing a colour palette for your living room. Remember that choosing a single colour or monochrome shades are past now and you are free to experiment with bold colours and contrasting shades.

So, when you choose a colour palette you need to take into consideration the colours of the following elements; walls, curtains, rugs, vases and flowers, art works, and other accessories you use for decoration. While these do not need to be of different shades of the same colour, their colours and patterns need to complement with each other.

Size of the Pillows and Cushions

Another thing to consider is the size. Are you going to buy pillows and cushions of the same size? Or are you going to have a mix up?  And what it the size that is appropriate for your seating area? When you are shopping, it is better to have a rough idea about the dimensions of your sofa and other seating equipment. This will help you to buy the right sized cushions. If you are going to buy cushions online, pay close attention to their size before adding them to the cart.

Number of Throw Pillows or Cushions You Choose

When it comes to your sofa, you need to decide how many cushions or throw pillows you will need. While it is decorative to add more texture with a couple of extra pillows, too much will interfere with comfortable seating and will take up more space than necessary. You can decide the number of pillows by the size of your sofa. If it is a large sofa, you are free to add a couple of extra pillows. But if not, keep it to a minimum without taking up eating space.

The right colour, shape and size of your cushion will make a wonderful seating area that is both aesthetic and comfortable. So, make sure to look for the right factors when shopping.