Perks of coworking spaces and the comfortability it provides a company have been discussed a lot so far.

There are evident reasons why startups use coworking spaces to live their dreams. Studies reveal that coworking spaces can increase your productivity by 75%. Also, startups can make the maximum usage of networking and cost-effective amenities which might be required during the initial days of their launch.


And now, it’s time to see the results. A lot of startups that started from coworking spaces are now doing a big deal and the success stories resonate with the increased engagement in the coworking spaces today.


In India too, we would have very cool and inspiring stories if one lends one’s ears to co working space in Pune.

some of the coolest startups that started from coworking spaces

Each of the ideas that popped out of coworking spaces was novel and strategic which has     taken over the world

1.   Food Panda


Foodpanda is the mobile food marketplace that spans across 13 countries with the ultimate aim of delivering good food from the restaurants through a mobile app or website.


Being one of the pioneers in the food delivery solutions, Food Panda had been overtaken by Ola back in 2017.

2.   Instagram


The social network which has been an important part of everyone’s daily life was developed across 8 weeks after many trials of practice and failures from Dogpatch coworking spaces in San Francisco.


The photo-sharing app developed to connect with friends and to the network was taken over by Facebook, which leads to adding more and more common features to Instagram, building the same into one of the most trending social media platforms of the day.

3.   Uber


Few people who got frustrated over the traffic and taxi system of San Francisco decided to get together at RocketSpace coworking space to find a solution to the problem.




And then, Uber was born to span across the globe helping people reach different locations of their choice with ease, security and efficiency.

4.    Dailyhunt


DailyHunt is the #1 news daily app founded by Virendra Gupta from a coworking space that delivers news in over 14 Indian languages.


The mobile app that has crossed 160 million downloads delivers news in the regional languages that you want which has increased the love among people for the app.




5.   Spotify


The music app that gives you some of the best experiences and playlists as born as a brain baby of its founders from a coworking space.


A team from the coworking space in Fatima Nagar opinionated that Spotify has grown into a huge company of 16 million users and a revenue of over 6.76 billion euros with the sheer hard work and smart moves they made from their beginning stages. If you have noticed, almost all the biggest startups that began from the coworking spaces have always supported the coworking culture due to the heavy start the same has provided them.




Not just the startups, but the freelancers, small and medium business enterprises, and even corporates who are shifting to coworking spaces are convinced of the impact a coworking space can have on your work.

6.   ZipRecruiter


ZipRecruiter is a one-word solution for people who seek job opportunities. The company brings different employers and seekers under the same tile where both the teams make use of what they want.


This top brand in the recruiting industry started from a coworking space in Los Angeles. The website allows you to search for jobs, apply for the ones you want and also help employers post job offers.


7.   Nuracode


Nuracode that started as a simple code solution company for a coworking space has now grown into a major tech company that deals with software, app, media and digital solutions.


They have some of the best clients today and have their signature in all the works they do.


8.   Ofo


Ofo is a Chinese cycle rental service who has launched over 21 countries. The company started off the London based co-working hub from where they render their services to people to have a sustainable and station free bicycle rental service in more than 250 countries.


9.   Facebook time-hop app


The app that gives you memories of the past and reminds you of what it was like “1 year ago” or many more years ago. Facebook users are pretty familiar with this functionality.


gold jewellery tips

Image Source: Unsplash


The startup started from a coworking space in Manhattan and grew with no bounds later on.


10.               Wanderfly


Wanderfly was a huge startup that started to bridge the gaps between travellers and their requirements. Wanderfly is a website platform that helps people discover and share personalised travel recommendations.


Wanderfly was acquired by TripAdvisor after 1 year of operation.


11.               Charity: Water


Water Charity is a non-profit organization that grew out to make sure that everyone has access to clean drinking water and sanitation. Water Charity is a partner of the National Peace Corps Association.


They have been doing a lot of projects, trying to make a change and offer a helping hand over the world ever since they had been launched in a coworking space in New York.


12.               Indiegogo


Indiegogo is the most trusted platform for crowdfunding today who helps people solicit funds for ideas, charity, startups etc. They provide space for the most innovate projects and help the producers find backers to fund and support the best projects they think is recognition deserving.


All the success stories have the tales of cost-effectiveness, comfort, unlimited services and the power of networking when asked about their experience at coworking spaces.




For any startup, all they want at their beginning stage is a place where they can call their home to their dreams, where they can have access to all the amenities with the low key budget they can afford in the starting stages.


A big part of corporates is shifting parts of their business to coworking spaces nowadays understanding the perks they can avail from them. This shift in the trend of the day is indicative of the understanding of the word about the advantages of the coworking spaces.


Get your space and be the next startup that made it huge, to grab that place on the list!