I think everybody wants to do something apart from his/her main job. It is necessary to do. I encourage all of them. Today we got lots of opportunity. If you have internet connection then you have all worlds in your hand. Here I think most important thing attitude. If you have that attitude then 95 percent job done. Here you have to keep in mind that does not suffer your present company. You have to be honest on your work. All time your employer expect from you 100%. And that is right. So if you want to do any other part time job then you can go through this article. Here you have to try, try, try … and then you will get succeed. Whenever you get succeed then you can leave your full time job. So let’s start about different business ideas.

Google Paid Ad Specialist:

This is a paid advertise. Google Adwords. Anyone can do this job very easily on your own. You need to do some basic knowledge. Here I have attached the Google tutorial link https://skillshop.exceedlms.com/student/path/18128-google-ads-search-certification . From here you can get goggle Adwords Certificate free of cost. You can earn a lot of money. It is very exciting  and interesting job.

google adwords

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Affiliate Sales and Marketing:

This is a very trending business.  You can do on your own. It will not hamper your present full time job. I am not going in details. Please go through this article https://www.shopify.in/blog/affiliate-marketing.

Web design and Web Development:

 If you think that you have enough knowledge about design and development then you can start this business. If you are not confident enough then please go through any Udemy  course.  I think this is a best platform for learning anything. After this create your freelancer account on Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour etc.

From these website and you can get project very easily and earn a lot of money.


web design and Web Development

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Start a Blog:

Blogging is a very interesting concept. Whatever niche  you like most, just do blogging on this niche. Content should be unique, informative. Your blog should be very useful for your reader or visitor. If your blog is very useful for others then you can earn money from this blog very easily. You need to maintain some google guidelines.

Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistant  job not any kind of fixed job. Virtual job may be different type like Microsoft Office Job, different Type of data research etc. This is a very good concept. Many employers want to do with the VA.  For this employer don’t need to keep extra responsibility. You can work for different country. First make your freelancer account on Upwork, People Per Hour, Freelancer etc.  From this platform you can get project very easily and earn money.


Virtual Assistant

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Fiverr Gigs:

If you have multiple category knowledge then you have to create GIG for each and every category one GIG. In this GIG you have to define your knowledge, your past work, and your rate for this job. For making GIG you can get multiple video from YouTube. Many guys doing the same and they are very much happy.

Word Press Website:

This is another very interesting job. If you have any business or individual you must have one website. For this wordpress is a very good idea. Many useful you tube videos are there. You do not need any technical knowledge. From this you can earn a lot of money and you can enjoy a lot.

Start a YouTube Channel:

You can create you tube channel. Topic may be anything. But you need to keep in mind that you must be adding value for your audience. If viewers get value from you then automatically it will be viral. Whatever you are doing you must be look from your viewers or audience or customer angel. If they get benefit from you then automatically you will also benefitted.

Ebay Seller:  

It is another good interesting business. Anybody can do it anything. Ebay Seller is a good idea. Here I am sharing one article link  https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/72800 you can get lot of information from here. Good Luck.

Online Coaching:

If you have enough knowledge in any topic then you can make a tutorial video very easily. After that you can upload this video on any platform for sell. Udemy  is the best platform for this. From this you can reach number of people very easily and you can earn a lot of money.

Sell T-Shirts Online:

This is another very smart idea. You just need one website or app to take order. After that you need to contact the particular vendor and give the details. You need to make a number of vendor lists. This is very popular for gifting someone or any company branding.



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Instagram Marketing:

Instagram Marketing is one of another trending business. For this you need some basic knowledge about this. If you think you do not have enough knowledge then read different blogs and also different you tube videos are there. I hope you can. Do it.

Local Business Consulting:

If you think that you have enough knowledge on certain business and you are ready to give business consultation then go for it. For any crisis people wants first local help. Everybody prefer on locally. It is a matter of trust and confident.

Write Blog and Earn Money:

If you are writer then this is a great idea for you. Lots of blog are ready to pay for your writing. Do not need any website on your own. Do not need any invest. This is zero investment. You need to know who are ready to pay. I am helping you on this. Just go through this blog https://www.continuecontent.com/tutorials/get-paid-to-blog. From this blog you can get number of blog sites. They have some guidelines; you need to obey these guidelines. Many guys earning money from this way.

So lets get start what you guys want to start anyone above.