We are constantly developing our FAQ, please fill in questions regarding Blocktrade Technology (BTT Sweden AB)

Q: what did the evaluation of trading tools lead to?

A: For about 4 months, we where working closely with elite crypto traders to see how they utilize and evaluate bots, indicators, tools and signals for. After a successful May/June trial period we realized that the most succesful traders try to human emotion but also adapts "AI", such as deep learning and machine learning. 

Q: Do you trade more than crypto currencies?

Yes, since Q2 2019 BTT trade with renewable energy contracts. Our history in mining and interest in green energy solutions led us into this path. We have developed an extensive network in the Blockchain, primarily trading related and combine the two fields with excellent results.

Q: What is the BTT Swede’s Relation to Stockholm IT ventures AB?

A: Blocktrade Technology entered into an agreement during 2018, which effectively makes SITV the parent company. After lengthy negotiations we came to a final agreement in October 2018. .

Q: where can i find more information about product matters?

A:  Visit our participate page or contact our support center at btt@blocktradetech.com

Q: Are you still into crypto mining?

A: BTT analyzed the market for mining and decided to focus on tech development for trading tools instead. Mining is a viable business that obviously has synergies with developing trading. Therefore, we will leave that opportunity open for future consideration.

Please note that we cannot answer and will not post Q and A's to any thing related directly to Stockholm IT Ventures AB, since they are a different organization and listed on the Frankfurt Boerse Exchange.

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