Living in a home with bad air quality can be hard. You may think it’ll be expensive to sort, but it’s actually not. We discussed 4 ways you can easily do it below.

How Bad Is It?

You really have to work on the air quality if your property is causing you headaches, fatigue, sinus congestions and coughing. Maintaining air quality would also let everyone living in your home have a clearer mind. To know how bad it really is, you can pick an air monitor up. They may seem hard to come around, but they’re actually freely available.

Get A Dehumidifier

Something that could be causing the air quality in your space to be bad is mould. It along with fungi are floating in the air, causing trouble with your breathing. You can do something about them by purchasing a dehumidifier. The two thrive in conditions that are humid, so you ruining this would kill them off. To really get rid of the moisture in the air, you’ll be mindful of where you place the gadgets. They should be in spots that you think are the “wettest”.


air monitor

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Get Some Plants

Along with dehumidifiers, plants can be your saving grace. They survive by sucking up Carbon Dioxide, producing Oxygen as an end-product. This makes them natural filters. You’ll have a continuous supply of clean air flown in. They would do up the space too – it would look chicer. However, be mindful of the number that you place. Too many could contribute to the moisture in the air, making your dehumidifier’s work harder.

Look at Your Air Ducts

They help air flow across a home. Your house may be old, which is why its ducts are full of dust. As its job is to move air to-and-from, you’re sending dust throughout your living-space. It may also be doing a bad job of moving air around if it was installed incorrectly. This is something you may want a professional to check out.

Your Air Conditioner

Your AC not only cools you down, but it filters the air that is flowing through it. If it’s been around for a while, and you haven’t changed its filter, you’re in trouble. It’s only a matter of time for it to get clogged from the amount of dust trapped. Checking your AC air filter often is the best thing you could do as if it gets clogged, something else could go wrong with its insides. If you’re not aware, it’s very expensive to get air conditioners tended to.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to improving the air quality in your home, there’s many things you could do. We talked about 4, but rest assured that you’ll find many more with a quick search. The easiest thing to do would be to get new plants added. Just don’t add too many. They’d add onto the moisture in your space. And the best thing would be to get your AC’s air filter looked at. Keeping it clean would drastically improve the quality of air around you.