Computers have, arguably, become one of the more important inventions in the modern period as it has made things all the easier. From the trivial to important aspects of our life, and from education to professional requirements, computers have become synonymous with our lifestyle. Ever wondered how they came about to this level though? Well, that is what this article aims to do by providing a simple timeline of how computers evolved throughout the years to become an important aspect in our lives.

World War 2

Interestingly, the first computers were made during the Second World War when the Allied powers needed to break Nazi codes and cyphers. It was found that people like Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman understood that a machine would be faster than man when it came to deciphering these codes.

As a result, they went about creating a machine called the Bombe, which then eventually turned into the Colossus when Tommy Flowers put in his input. This made the relaying of information and the breaking of codes almost effortless, making it possible for the Allies to read the messages of the Axis powers in almost real time.


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Late 20th century

As a result of such developments, this was further enhanced and made available for general public use from military use. At first, the computers that were introduced were quite large and only could do simple tasks. Moreover, they were quite expensive.

The machines were only able to send and receive emails, along with documentation. The software used were very basic. It was only when tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, and Apple introduced variants that the computer took shape in to the way we know now. Of course, this change has been continuous though.

Early 21st century

The early 21st century saw an increase in the use of smaller and smaller desktops. Computers were becoming smaller and much faster. Moreover, they were also made in such a way that you could store many amounts of data. One of the biggest developments in the computer is the software used. Many Operating Systems (OS) were developed such as Linux, Ubuntu, and other lesser-known variants.

Each one having their unique advantages and disadvantages. However, the most prominent ones being the Mac OS and Microsoft. Furthermore, there were special applications that were created for doing particular tasks. For example, there are certain applications that allow you to play games or draft a particular document.

Present Day

Today, the computer has evolved so much that we take it almost everywhere we go in the form of our smartphones. Although not considered as computers, smartphones have the same computing power as a regular computer, which has made our lives. Moreover, you can purchase these almost anywhere. Whether it is an afterpay computer or a computer you purchase outright, the quality of the machine will always perform at its best and would even come with guarantees to make sure that you can seamlessly do your work.

In conclusion, the computer has come a long way since the days of the Second World War.