With the development of technology people’s lives are trying as hard as they might to keep up and envelope its practices on the notion of technology in the context of society. The basic foundation and premise on the ideal relationship between man, technology, and media has been around earlier than the point in time where man began to make tool, the point was a blur but evidences shows that the data and mass stored information in man’s DNA even from ancient times revealed that man has the proclivity towards technology.

When man is stuck in a conundrum as to how or what to do, they basically form ideas and tool which they use to meet the problem, and such is the birth of technology. Media on the other hand arose from the necessity to proliferate and plant the ideas and know-how for technology for it to be utilized again and be used by their kind’s men, and this complex relationship formed through time laid out the foundation of modern society. With development of technology comes the need to store more data thus we arrive on the current utility of cloud systems to meet the ever-present demand to data storage.

Here are the basic promises of the cloud systems applied in our systems today:

Efficiency of Retrieval

With cloud storage systems one never had to worry about the data that they store. Because the cloud is ever present connected to the almighty internet network, one’s data can be easily retrieved wherever one may be, that would be simplifying that one has their own compartment or room wherein they can store their private and important data. Files could be easily retrieved because there is no crowding of data in a cloud, and one could even create categories and folders with their cloud accounts. One most effective mechanism used in the current cloud is the NetSuite partners.

netsuite partners
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Consolidation of Resources

Imagine packing your bag for a holiday vacation and they you have to bring ten luggage so that you will not run out of clothes over a two-week vacation, the analogy is the same with the cloud system, with it one does not need to bring an external hard drive which is very impractical and inconvenient, one just has to create a cloud account that is pretty much stable and trustworthy and store files using that account, that way all you need is a phone, battery, and an internet connection, it saves you the hassle and it saves some precious baggage weight.

Mobility of Data

With the cloud system just hovering over one’s internet space, the mobility of data is ensured to be intact especially if one is suddenly set on the move to transfer to another location, one does not have to worry about the files in the laptop or in the flash drive, which is unavailable at the moment, because one has the copy in their cloud servers. Basically, the cloud system is very useful whenever you need to reformat your computer unit, your precious files are still safe

All in all, in embracing technology is one way to make life easier for almost all of us living in contemporary society.