Your company’s greatest resource is its employees. As your employees are the ones who directly deal with your customers, it is important to pay attention to their health and keep them safe. It is your duty as the employer to protect your greatest resource. Employee absence can greatly hinder the productivity of work and can cause your employees to work overtime. To avoid this, you should create a safe environment for them to work in.

Here are some tips to strengthening corporate health & safety to ensure the wellbeing of those who work under you:

 Determine possible health hazards & safety risks

Inspect your office for possible risks that could endanger the wellbeing of your employees. You can discuss with your staff as to whether they have identified any issues or if they have any ideas on how to improve the standard of safety in the office. This will put them at ease and create a more comfortable working environment. Once the risks have been assessed, you should take necessary steps to eradicate these risks by involving relevant authorities.

Train to act

A near miss today could turn out to be an accident tomorrow. Even though you have ensured the safety of your employees by assessing the hazards in your office, there are still chances for an accident to take place. In the event of an accident, your employees should be trained to handle the situation with utmost care and less panic. Hold some safety training workshops to educate your employees on basic first aid. Perform some spontaneous fire drills from time to time to evaluate the actions your employees would take when facing such a situation.

Impose safety plans and policies

Impose clear safety plans and policies to prevent accidents/injuries that can take place in the office. Put up clear signs leading to the emergency fire exits for each department. Schedule some annual safety meetings to update your employees on the upgraded policies while reminding them about the procedures that need to be followed depending on the incident. This will prepare your employees to face dangerous situations. A company that has a good corporate health management system in place is more likely to earn the trust of its customers.

Record everything

If an unfortunate incident does take place in your office, perform a thorough investigation surrounding that accident. Record the statements of credible witnesses that were present during the incident and hand over the case to the relevant authorities to help clarify the situation.

Once such an incident occurs, discuss with your employees the steps that you can take together as a company to prevent such an accident occurring again. Conduct annual medical fitness tests and keep track of the health records of your employees. In case of any health emergency, you should be able to provide accurate information on the employees involved in that particular incident.

Strengthening corporate health and safety can reduce the workload and stress your employees are facing. It can also help reduce work related illnesses and health hazards that your employees could face while working in your company. When the company supports its employees, it increases their motivation to work diligently.

Put the safety of your employees first. After all, safety isn’t expensive, it is priceless.