Horseback riding requires a specific set of gear and clothes in order to have a safe and a comfortable experience. This is why it is necessary to know all the types of clothes you can wear – from head protection to footwear. Take a look at the items below to see what the riding gears you need to look for are.


A helmet is one of the most essential items you need to have when going on horseback riding. A helmet is there to protect your head in case of a fall and therefore make sure to always wear one. It is also important to find the right fit or adjust the straps to fit your head because a loose helmet is as good as no helmet. Although a helmet will not protect you 100% it helps to minimise the effect of an impact to a great extent.


Fitted clothing is the most suitable clothing when riding. This is because of various reasons. Firstly, tight pants such as breeches are will not tangle on the rest of your riding gear like loose pants. Riding breeches also come with textured fabric on the inner thigh to increase the friction against the saddle and ensure a tighter grip when you are seated. You can also try jodhpurs which is a pant that is very similar to breeches. The difference is that jodhpurs come with a stirrup that attaches to your boots and hold the pants down.


There is no specific type of horse-riding shirt that is compulsory to wear when riding. As long as it’s fitted and not too loose or flowy, it is good to wear. When it comes to appropriate tops for horse riding, one of the things that experts ask to stay from is tank tops. Although they are ‘sporty’ enough is feels comfortable in summer days, they provide no arm coverage. In case of a fall, there is zero protection to your arms from bruises and scrapes.

Riding Boots

A good pair of riding boots has a distinct heel that makes riding easier. A good heel ensures that your foot won’t slipup through the strap. There are a few types of riding boots such as paddock boots or ankle high boots and dress boots or knee-high boots. If you want to check out some good horse gear brands such as ariat boots Australia has many stores that you can try out.

If you select paddock boots, it is also necessary to buy half chaps. These are slipped over the boots and under the knees. They protect the legs from rubbing and protect your pants from wear and tear.

Boot Socks

Like shirts, there are no many restrictions when it comes to choosing a good pair of socks for riding. All you have to do is make sure that you are wearing tall socks that won’t slip or is not too tight.


Choosing the right underwear is very important when it comes to riding. When choosing it is necessary to choose ones that fit your form, lightweight, stretchy and absorb moisture. Make sure the ones you choose are not too tight nor give you chaffing.


A good pair of durable gloves is necessary so it won’t wear or tear soon due to the friction of the reins. Gloves will protect your hands from rubbing against the reins.

Good gear also ensures effective and correct riding techniques. There are also other options gear that you can invest in such as a jacket for chilly weather, safety vest that are especially for beginners, and a belt.